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First Front Cover

First front cover whoop whoop! Really happy to have been approached by Practical Photoshop Magazine to feature on Issue 27 (Summer Issue) front cover.

The image they wanted was 'Set Them Free' this was shot earlier this year with the lovely Sophie Charlotte Harrison.

I did several different style shots withSophie but always had in mind I might do a series of images with picture frames. I like the idea of a picture within a picture, you can tell more of a story within the one shot. This one I always intended to be contrasting. A gloomy almost sad background and a bright colourful image bursting out of the frame to represent...hmm whatever the viewer wants to see really! Maybe hope, or that you can find beauty in life no matter where you are? I like to give the beginnings, something for the viewer to work with, to think about, and then interpret for themselves.

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