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What has Baden Bowen been doing recently? Well apart from the much needed update of this site, I have been writing a few tutorials for the upcoming 1x tutorial book which should be released early next year. If last year’s edition is anything to go by this will be good exposure for me as it was a 'Best Seller' on Amazon.

I have also been approached by two local Camera Clubs to provide a talk on me and what I do? The talks will last 2hrs, hmmm Can I talk for 2hrs? Will I hold interest? Will I have to hit someone? :D

Ok, being serious, I am very flattered to even to have been approached to do this and I am shitting it, but I know I will be ok once I get over the initial nerves... all I need to do now is put it all together :)

I have also in recent weeks been giving one 2 one tuition to a fellow member of the Camera Club. Mostly Photoshop based where I have been giving him weekly tasks and then we progress from there each week. We both seem to enjoy it and gives me a chance to give something back and dare I say learn a little myself along the way.

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