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Is Film Dead?

So, Is Film Dead? Well the answer is most definitely not! More and more of my contacts are turning back or like me discovering film for the first time.

I love the vintage feel of film, there is nothing like shooting a roll and then home processing, excited to see the results. With my collection of film cameras growing from rangefinders to medium format, I am using my DSLR less and less.

So what’s next? I am on the lookout for a pro AF 35mm and planning to shoot more and more medium format with my Mamiya RB67, exciting times!

If you are a photographer not shooting film, you should try! Even if the results are not what you are used too on digital I promise the learning curve and the fun involved is second to none :)

One of my friends has recently converted to 100% film, that’s right he has sold his DSLR and now only shoots film! Check out his blog The Paul Reid.

Someone else who demands my total love and respect is PhotoGun Photography, Steve has a bigger collection of cameras than anyone I know... His work speaks for itself and we have often talked into the early hrs on all subjects. Sometimes in life you just connect with people and even though we have never met in person, his friendship and generosity have been greatly appreciated.

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