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Summer Break

It's that time of year again where we wear less clothes and enjoy the sweltering heat... Ok, back to reality, I took a few weeks from photography and work to enjoy some quality family time. This involved a 500 mile round trip to Cardiff from Dover and back. The reason to collect my two wonderful sons and let them enjoy the sea air in Dover :)

Non stop action, from the speedway in Swingfield to Howlets Zoo we packed it all in. I even introduced the boys to film photography. We headed out all armed with Olympus Trips down to Samphire Hoe to take in the views. Then a few hrs later up to our elbows in the kitchen sink dev'ing the film!

I won't reveal who took the best shots on the day, but it wasn't your friendly neighbourhood photographer :)

So the end of the holiday came nearer and in good old Baden fashion, I set up the studio for some loving family portraits... ok I dont do that kind of portraiture, but I did come up with 'I Will Not Conform' (Left) featuring my eldest son Thomas. In typical teenage fashion he wont listen to a word I say and gave me the concept to work with! Love you boys xx

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