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Finally I received my application pack for my CPAGB award merit. If you are not familiar with these awards the PAGB is an organisation that represents all the photographic societies around the UK and it has a series of Merit awards to recognise achievement by members of photographic societies. The CPAGB is the first merit award and you can only apply after serving with a camera club for at least two years. For the CPAGB your images are judged on a scale of marks from 2 to 5. 2 indicates that it is not up to standard, 3 a near miss, 4 is a pass, 5 is well above the standard required. Marks are awarded by each of six assessors, so each picture is rated out of a total of 30 marks, and 20 is the pass mark. There are 10 pictures, the overall pass mark is 200 out of a possible 300 marks. So all I need do now is choose my 10 images :/

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