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Paris in Autumn

In September we were lucky enough to go to Paris for our first time to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Now you may think, how romantic... well this is me we are talking about and although I am as romantic as they come, first thing on my mind was, 'What cameras shall I take?' :)

Well I shot mainly film in the end on my EOS 3 with a mix of colour and black & white and we had the best weekend, romantically and photographically !

The first day we walked almost 6 miles through the middle of the city from our hotel to the Eiffel Tower, picking up the sites along the way. Once at the Tower we queued for hours to get to the top, Wow... we hit the top for sunset and the views were well worth the queue and the wait...Breathtaking!

The rest of the weekend was non stop, visiting The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Latin Quarter, Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe and anything thing else we could fit in!

We did put a love lock onto the Pont des Arts bridge and threw our key into the Seine, see who said romance is dead? Oh and of course I got some great photos this weekend :)

#paris #love #street #film #colour #monochrome

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