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Start of 2014

Last year I was asked if I would do a talk at a local camera club, and even though I had never done a talk on photography before, I agreed! Time seemed to speed past and before I knew it, the date was looming. My wife was trying to get me to write out those little prompt cards, but a bit like my photography, I didn't want a script! I did however sit down and choose about 90 odd images from my portfolio and put them in a semi oder of progression. The next decision was what to call it, this is harder than choosing the images, it might be the thing that decicided if people actually wanted to come and hear the talk, so it was called 'thinking outside the box (subject - my first two years of photography) there.. nice and ambigious! I was aware of the varied range of interests in the potential audience, and picked a nice wide selection..if anyone was expecting it to be a photoshop session, they were going to be dissapointed, because although I love the creative side, I do try my hand at many genres of photography, and that is part of how my work has evolved.

The day came and on the 10th January I gave the talk at Ashford, it was a full audience of around 150 members! Stands were ready for the prints I had brought along as although the talk was presented alongside a slide show, its nice for people to get up close and personal with printed work. The two hours flew by, quite a few laughs (a good sign) and as the evening warmed up and the audienced picked up on my relaxed nature, the questions flowed. It was a fabulous evening and I was pleased to get feedback afterwards that it was well received, which is lucky...because I've been booked for another talk in February in Folkestone!

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