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The Original Rolleiflex 612 - c.1929

So, as some of you may or may not know 'I LOVE FILM' :) and I am lucky enough to own a Original Rolleiflex K1 612, there were only 820 of these babies ever made!

First produced in 1929 it has a Carl Zeiss Tessar 75mm f/3.8 lens and takes 620 roll film. 620 roll film has ceased production a long time ago, but 120 roll film is easily adapted to fit and readily available.

The camera itself is in unbelievable condition, considering it will be 85 years old in March this year! I have shoot a few rolls with this beautiful camera, but I really had trouble focusing, this was due to two reasons. Firstly being 85 years old the original mirror has started to lose the silver coating and secondly the ground glass focusing screen was very dim, even in outdoor conditions.

I wanted to replace both the mirror and focus screen to make my life easier and to get the true potential from this iconic camera. So time to go shopping... as you would expect, I had to have the mirror and focus screen custom made and shipped from America. The damage...less than £20 - bargain :)

Both mirror and focus screen have been replaced and wow! I would say the screen is 2-3 stops brighter and the split image focusing is going to help me no end.

All is left to do is to run a roll of film and share the results :)

#rolleiflex #refurbish

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