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Speed Graphic Test

The Original Rolleiflex K1 612

Camera: Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5

Lens: Kalee Bloomed Projection Lens f/1.9

Film: Ilford HP5+ 4x5 Sheet

Dev: ID-11 (3+1) 18 mins

The original Rolleiflex K1 612, this is the grand daddy of all TLR camera's. The very first Rolleiflex K1 612 only 820 pieces made worldwide! It has a 75mm Zeiss lens at f/3.8 and takes 620 film, this has speeds from T through to 1/300th, it was first produced in 1929 making this baby 85 yrs old!

Some info about the Speed Graphic used for this image...

This is my first time trying this lens out! The lens was made by Kershaw in London and it was originally a Gaumont-Kalee Bloomed 120mm f/1.9 for a cinema projector. Alas as it was, the lens would not cover 4x5, so I removed the front and back elements and spaced them together using an old macro extension tube. I have no idea of the focal length but it is way wider than my 127mm.

Really happy with the result, f/1.9 on a 4x5 now that is some shallow DOF! It has a sweet spot in the centre then the rest of the image is lost to the bokeh monster :) Looking forward to testing as a portrait lens... stay tuned!

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