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Polaroid 360 Land Camera Lens Hack Mark II

In my last blog, I talked about how I converted my Polaroid 360 to full manual using a lens from an old Kodak folder. Well a little update... The lens from the kodak folder was F/11 @ 1/100th wide open and as I thought I struggled in certain light situations.

So, lens hack mark II :) now I have installed a Carl Zeiss Nova Anastigmat 105mm f/3.5 with shutter speeds from B through to 1/400th. All I can say is it took me a while to get the focusing sync'd to the Polaroid rangefinder, but I am really happy with the results so far. Shallow DOF, swirly bokeh what more could I want :)

Click here to see a recent shot!

The plan is to take one or two shots every photo shoot I do and building a Polaroid portfolio or people I have worked with!

I am looking forward to sharing the results :)

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