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Unidentified Mahogany & Brass Half Plate Camera

Recently I was very kindly given a mahogany and brass half plate camera. It came with a brass lens f/8-f64, roller blind front shutter with a top speed of 1/80th and two double plate holders.

The camera is beautiful and would make a fantastic display camera, but I am not about that! :)

I quickly converted the plate holders to take 4x5 film using some mount board to take up the depth of the glass plate, loaded up four sheets and went to test her out.

As normal my beautiful wife was the test subject and shot this attached shot on Ilford HP5+, this was my favourite from the test. I am on the look out to purchase some more plate holders and use to this camera more frequently. :)

The image was taken at sunny sands in Folkestone and was also accepted onto Vogue Italia.

#4x5 #film #largeformat #monochrome #mono #naturallight

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