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Film Test

Today I went and shot some test sheets on the Speed Graphic 4x5. The reason being, I was given a few boxes of expired 4x5 film and when I say expired I mean expired... from 1991!

I loaded 12 sheets and went to a local nature reserve where I wanted to take in the essense of the beautiful South East coastline.

I took six images using two sheets of film on each, one shot at box speed and one shot one stop over exposed. I wanted to test the film speed and establish if any deterioration had occurred.

After getting home I processed all the sheets and to my surprise there was little or no difference between the each sheet.

The shot below was taken on Ilford FP4+ which is rated 125asa and expired 1992. I shot this at 100asa, metering for the shadows. Using the zone system, I moved the shadows from zone V to zone III and then took a reading of the sky. The metered results meant I would have to pull the development by 30% to retain detail in the sky.

Although this was only a test, I really love the images I got on the day! I very rarely shoot landscape and really enjoyed the peace and quiet :)

FP4 - 2LR.jpg

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