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Agfa G Plus X-Ray Film

Yesterday I finally got through some Agfa G Plus x-ray film to try! The first job was to cut the film which is 10x8 into four sheets of 4x5. This was fairly easy due to the film being Orthochromatic, Orthochromatic emulsion has high sensitivity to blue, generally correct sensitivity to green and bright yellow, but has too low sensitivity to orange and is practically insensitive to red. So easy to cut and develop under a red safe light.

One tricky thing with x-ray film is that it has emulsion on both sides of the film, therefore it gets scratched very easily if you are not careful. To aid in developing I will be on the lookout for some 4x5 steel hangers to process the film.

So, once I loaded up the film holders, some of the beautiful ladies who I work with in my day job agreed to let me practice, thank you! :)I had already researched a lot regarding shooting this film. So, it was shot 50asa, I did one shot with and one without a yellow filter to try and reduce the contrast of the film. To be honest I did not see much of a difference between the two shots.

Development was in an open tray, using Rodinal at a dilution of 100:1 for 6mins with regular agitation. Yes the film did scratch as expected, so post work was necessary to remove of the blemishes.

Overall I really like this film and it’s cheap! I have 100 sheets which will make 400 sheets of 4x5, x-ray film does not have a long shelf life, so I better start shooting this beautiful film! :)

X Ray - Anna 1LR.jpg

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